Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Blog

For various reasons, I've moved my blog to another website and will now be blogging more regularly (2 x/week), so please visit:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WWTD? (what would a tree do)

There's something about being in nature that feels inherently good, balanced, supportive and in harmony. Living in the city, I can't access those immense energetic affects daily, so engaging nature's wisdom requires periodic visits and then visualizing and embodying it's essence.

In tree pose, I'll often send my 'roots' down into the floor, the 'earth', and feel the affect this has on me - structurally, emotionally, etc. It's amazingly peaceful and having established a firm foundation, deep roots allow for freedom of flexibility in the 'trunk' and 'branches'.

In mountain pose, I embrace the solidness of my structure and support from the 'earth' which provides me a base from which to support other living beings.

And, in meditation, I'll sometimes view my mind as a lake. As fluctuations (thoughts) 'ripple' across the surface, beneath there remains an immense calm and clear stillness.

Like a tree, I am rooted, balanced, and in harmony.

Like a mountain, I am strong, stable, and supportive.

Like a lake, underneath the ripples I am calm, clear, and deep.