Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Yogi on the Buffalo Woman Ranch

Can I first say that I never thought I'd be using a blog. I am in general uncomfortable with self-disclosure to groups of people that I do not know well - which is why I couldn't imagine doing something like this. However, drastic times call for drastic measures. I'm kidding, of course, but in getting ready for a complete lifestyle change - from a busy urban lifestyle to the isolated frontier of the Buffalo Woman Ranch near Four Corners (Colorado) - I'm figuring I will need a new form of communication since we'll be 40 miles from the nearest town (Cortez, Co.) and likely weeks on the ranch without seeing another soul outside of my husband and Robbie - except when there are retreats.

As I'm getting use to this whole autobiography via the blog, I'll make my first entry brief.

Here's who we're taking with us: Wylie (aka, Wiglet, Piglet, Sir Wig-a-lot, Yoda). Roxy the Rockstar is in the background - an unlikely place for her normal up-front-and-in-your-face personality so this is a rare shot.

Unfortunately, we aren't taking our Chicklets and Mama Chick. I've become quite fond of them and they of me. In their eyes, I'm most definitely the Big Chicken and they are always so curious about my strange featherless body, and I of their incessant desire to find the perfect next worm and to clean me free of mosquitos and other small particles of dirt. They'll be staying at a friend's ranch in Raleigh for safe-keeping until we return.

I've learned so much from these companions, as well as from our dogs. And, have found such pleasure in watching their curious natures. Maybe some of that has rubbed off on me. Or, maybe I've just realized that I am sometimes the big chicken that they see in me, but I'm OK with that. Chickens make good company.